My iPhone Vlogging Essentials for 2019 – 2020

What I Use:

Camera: iPhone XS Max and DJI Osmo Pro Pocket Camera

The gimbal on this thing beats $1K rigs!

Osmo Elite Accessories Bundle Which came with six camera filters as well as mounts and a small travel tripod.

Sound: Camera or phone internal audio (Currently saving up!)

Ultra-light gear is the way to go, for vlogging!

Lighting: Light-weight Raven lights by Smith Victor (x2) on tripods

Editing: iMovie and LumaFusion (Luma Touch app) on iPhone

Battery Charging Case Because nothing is worse than running out of juice and realizing you have no way to recharge your phone – especially when much of my filming is done from my phone. This one by RUNSY has saved me a time or two already, and I’ve barely purchased it but a week ago – my new MUST HAVE!

Though it’s not equipment, it may be considered some sort of a cost or overhead, if you look into the time it takes to be a successful YouTuber:

Social Media Sites to Help Drive YouTube Traffic

This means constantly updating and linking items and products and videos. Lots of editing, color correcting, sound adjusting, uploading, downloading and file transfering. Creating thumbnails and learning the trade (specifically, SEO and how to read your analytics reports correctly). This is an entirely separate blog, but it is food for thought when you are considering a YouTube career. Do you have the time or energy to maintain any ‘extras’?

These are my current pet projects, all of which help earn me revenue either directly or indirectly:

Website + Domain Hosting

TeachersPayTeachers Store

YouTube Store

Amazon Seller Storefront

For more on website and hosting aspects (as well as “How I Earn Money From Home”) stay tuned for upcoming blogs!

What I’m saving for:

The following items are things I hope to have some day, that I think I can splurge on once I meet my own personal social media targets; things would really add to the increased quality of my vlogs.

Now that I have received professional editing requests, I am looking to venture out into different projects in the upcoming year and feeling increasingly assured in updating my equipment (even used newer items) and trying new things, if the price is right!


In 2019, drone footage is becoming increasingly more popular. It definitely lends a cinematic feel to any video, and the price points have become reasonable. Even drones with 4K footage can be under $200 (this one by Rabing RC is $240).

Drones are becoming increasingly more
affordable for the average vlogger


I was gifted a hand-me-down iPad that is quite a few years old, and though I am grateful for it, it isn’t able to run my editing programs. Which is basically 90% of what I desire it for.

I would love a newer version that would give me a little more play room as well as the ability to use a digital pen or pencil to edit my videos, versus the iPhone screen (which is the Max version, and still a bit squinty for multi-track editing and color correcting). For now, I’m able to produce videos quickly using my iPhone, so I’m happy enough – but, it’s on my radar, for when I come across that money tree.

Hair Lights or any additional accoutrements, just for fun. Maybe a ring light? A soft box kit? I am increasingly finding that lighting is more important than I ever imagined, but for now I am finding creative solutions on “set”.

(Flashlights? Cellophane paper? Plastic bottles? More on that in a future vlog!)

Gaffer or “Gaff” Tape

Gaff Tape

It’s not even that expensive, yet I haven’t been able to justify it – until recently when someone almost tripped over a light cord. This tape would have been amazing to get some unique shot angles (it’s used similar to Duct Tape but doesn’t leave that sticky residue behind). I think I may bite the bullet and purchase it as a holiday gift to our family, soon. It would come in handy a lot for different projects around here!

Peter McKinnon talks about it in his vlogs a lot (such as this one titled 7 stupid things you NEED to have as a filmmaker!!). He’s one of the most relevant cinematographers right now with over 4M YouTube subscribers.

I trust relevant YouTubers.

Upgraded WordPress Account so I can sell items directly through my website and keep up to 40% more of my earnings rather than shell it out to TeachersPayTeachers, which for now works fine as I focus on other projects. It’s sitting there, quietly collecting money for my PayPal account, so I’m okay with it.


(…Someone sponsor me – or buy me a lotto ticket puh-lease?!)

iPad Pro with Paperlike Screen Protector and a variety of Apple Pencils, if I can be picky. Hey, it’s my dream world!

I have never owned a tablet with a pencil – It’s on my bucket list!

Macbook Pro in any color, any style, any day or night. Just let me at it!

Recording Studio because that would mean I MADE IT! Plus — trying to set up A/V equipment with toddlers running wild is maddening…I mean…exciting! I would settle for an office with some sound dampening so I can record nice looking intros and better voice overs, etc. There are some really beautiful acoustic panels designed as tastefully as possible to avoid the unsightly egg crate feel.

For product purchase links and detailed descriptions please visit

*We earn a small commission for items purchased directly through our purchase links – thank you!

It’s so fun to dream about new gear, whatever your hobby is. What’s on your dream list?


Mama B

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