Is it Fall,Yet (again?)

If you’ve been following us for a year or so, you may recognize the cheeky title.

Every August or so, my wife and I start itching for Fall. It’s our favorite!

Here is your friendly reminder to pause for Summerween…

Our Teachers Pay Teachers store is full of downloads: free printables and preschool / tot school activities for FALL 2021!

Pp -umpkins! -izza! -epperoni!

You can also navigate to our FALL tab at

Happy Autumn, ahead! 👋 🎃 ☕️

These were hits last year for my (then) one and three year olds. I hope your little student(s) will enjoy them – We are also happy to whip up custom templates (generally free when time permits, or a small donation request via PayPal here on this site).

Word Wall Requests? These templates can be EDITED however you’d like!!! ^ Or, use the set we’ve created

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