Fun at the Pumpkin Patch | Wenatchee, WA

Looking for toddler activities? We made these Fall printable activities a few years back and they’re still selling with great reviews!

With soccer season being over (that was fast!), we have our weekends and some week nights back. And then the very next day: Canyon was enrolled in a music class for ages 4-7. No getting off the hook easy for us parents!

Dakota is on the waitlist for gymnastics. We briefly considered putting her and her brother together in the infant-through-age-four music class as there were two spots left…but she was pretty insistent that she’d rather do a dance or tumbling class.

We made the right call: Canyon LOVES his rhythm class on Mondays with Miss Cassandra and the “big kids.” What activity Dakota chooses remains to be seen at this point.

We just celebrated Dakota’s 3rd birthday, and she’s been great at making her opinion around here well known. Everyone she meets will know her favorite color and what she had for dinner last night.

Also…can you believe it’s almost VLOGMAS again?! Now that stores are back into the post-COVID groove of things, the shelves are a little lack luster as far as the usual Target Dollar Spot videos and other popular annual YouTube content we’ve created in the past without a second thought.

When going to the grocery store or a department store or shopping mall isn’t as carefree as it used to be, we will try to get some photos of fun ideas as we go through the holidays.

Driving around to check out the decorated houses in our neighborhood is always a hit when it comes to any season:

Our local pumpkin patch was also a fun adventure. Annies Fun Farm in East Wenatchee had an apple slingshot, livestock, inflatable trampolines and a huge dragon attraction for kids to run through. There was also a corn maze, tractor rides, swimming pool full of corn kernels…and more.

We could hardly get the kids back to the car even though they were beyond nap time: we were having so much fun and we even got the pumpkin bowling lane all to ourselves for a little while, which we all attempted with varying degrees of success.

Our Amazon Gift Guide will make a return this year, and if you’re in the Wenatchee area we will even be putting together holiday gift bags featuring local products.

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Check out last year’s printables:

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