Treat Maps on NextDoor App

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our channel, we live in the middle of Washington State in a town called Wenatchee:

Like most parents of small children, we find ourselves wondering each holiday about the different activities in our area:

Will there be in-person events this year?

Should we trick-or-treat door-to-door?

What are we dressing up? We are dressing up, right?

Dakota dressing up in brother’s outfit at the rental house

This year our kids chose store-bought costumes (as Mama’s sewing machine has been packed up for our next move): Unicorn Princess and Captain America!

We will be making a fun shield prop for Canyon, but just as I was congratulating myself for getting off the hook early this year with costume design, I began to replay last year’s trick or treating experience in my mind.

We love this one on the iPad! Download on your phone for navigating maps on-the-go (or download the map and send to your phone before you go!)

It had been miles of walking which was hard for little legs – though we had a wagon with us, it slowly filled with jackets and water bottles and props as the children were simultaneously sick of walking and refusing a ride.

In attempts to avoid long meaningless meanders, we are trying a new trick this year. Check your own local areas on Nextdoor App to see where your best local stops will be located, or add your own home to the map!

Thanks, Nextdoor App!

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