I am half of the YouTube duo MommaAMommaB.

After graduating from Central Washington University and working as an I.T. technician after more than six years in massage therapy, I have most enjoyed my position as a stay at home Mama, vlogger and blogger. My wife Amy and I are located a few hours from Seattle, WA in Wenatchee and if you’re not familiar with the area, you should be!

(Videos coming soon)

Previously known as “A and B”, we expanded our family to “ABCD” with the addition of our children, Canyon and Dakota – a sweet brother-sister duo that are the axis upon which our whole lives rotate.

I have started the next chapter in our journey: helping local artists and creators manage social media pages, launch YouTube channels and provide written and video content for others’ projects, and in turn found a passion project of my own in the process – would you like help managing or creating digital or social content? Turns out, I can do that!

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This personal site is a landing spot for all sorts of things: DIY projects, YouTube videos, thoughts about past fertility cycles and pregnancies, and assorted parenthood pondering.

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If you are interested in our path to parenthood and embryo adoption, check out these playlists on YouTube:

You can also read our TTC story at our fertility clinic’s blog:

Two Mommies, One Path to Motherhood


Preschool/Pre-K Curriculum, DIY Projects, Cloth Diapering 101, Greener Cleaning, Product Reviews, Homemaking Tips and Tricks, Social Media Management – and more!