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Game changer: Boom cards for digital classrooms!

Making my first set was pretty straightforward. I recommend this for anyone wanting to create custom games for their students. Great for Zoom learning and interactive tablets.

Here’s a 14 day link to try out my latest game!

Here’s a free 14 day pass to try it out:

Beginning phonics sound “hint” buttons!
BOOM Cards: Fall | Colors | Beginning Vowel Sound
Which color sound starts with B(b)?


Boom Cards and Distance Learning – INTERACTIVE BOOM CARDS!

PreK Activities for computers and tablets!

Move out of the way, Epson printer. We now have interactive BOOM cards!

If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll know we are in the process of selling our family home – which means my beloved printer has been packed up for some time. The struggles of moving are real!

Many homes these days don’t have a printer – and then there’s the never-ending problem of “low ink”. ⚠️

In absence of being able test-print my creations before listing them for sale, I’ve decided to try my hand at digital “BOOM” cards.

Still interactive, they eliminate the need for a printer – and get rid of all that prep time!

Only one answer choice allows student to advance slide (or “skip” slide if stumped)

Of course…printable versions can be useful when practicing scissor skills, pincer grips, and the like. I’ll try to offer both versions whenever possible.


For more fun FALL / AUTUMN activities, visit http://www.mommaamommab.com and navigate to the “November/December” tab (under “Teach My Tot” in the main menu bar).

Don’t forget to follow this page for a ton of free DECEMBER goodies (I really want to try my hand at a digital escape room for PreK math!)

What type of toddler BOOM cards are you looking for? Let me know in the comments!

If you want to try it for FREE, here is a FastPlay link! (Expires Nov 7, 2020)

Halloween PreWriting and Language Skills

Kindergarten Language Skill Booster:


Determine or clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words and phrases based on kindergarten reading and content. 

Some Ideas to get the juices flowing: 

Talk to your student about different meanings of words like Witch and Which.

Think about how words that sound the same aren’t spelled the same and have different meanings…like Haunted House and How’s Your Lunch… combining these words can often have a funny effect (like Haunted How’s Your Lunch? Wouldn’t that make a silly story? What do you think it would be about?). 

Introduction to language: Words are neat! What are some of your favorite Halloween words? Read a picture book or use the printables here for more inspiration. Then, create a Halloween word bank together and discuss.

Set Includes: 

14 Spooky Words for your word wall:

Halloween Hh

Ghost Gh

Treats Tt

Spooky Ss

Witch Ww

Pumpkin Pp

Leaves Ll

Bat Bb

Moon Mm

Trick Tt

Cauldron Cc

Autumn Aa

Jacket Jj

Soup Ss

6 Traceable Cards:


Haunted House

Witch on Broom

Bat and Moon

Spooky Hat

Pair Of Ghosts

Purchase at: TeachersPayTeachers

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Pizza and Pumpkins | Pre-K Printable Activities

Now available at TeachersPayTeachers

Set includes:

Color-By-Number: Pizza Slice 

Use with markers or crayons in the following colors: green, black, red, blue, yellow, brown.

Color recognition, matching, fine motor, art

Pumpkin Playdough Cards: square, circle, oval, rectangle

Can your student roll out orange playdough to create shapes like on the 4 cards? Laminate for use over and over!

Shapes recognition and fine motor

Pumpkin Patch Alphabet Match

Color cut and paste the lowercase letters to match uppercase letters Aa-Ll 

Letter recognition, fine motor, art 

Shape Pizza 

Two ways: create a recipe and trade cards -or- create your masterpiece first and then count the ‘ingredients’ used. Use precut shapes from construction paper or draw and color a variety of: square, circle, triangle, rectangle, oval.

Shape recognition, counting, fine motor

Pepperoni Counting Wheel

Color cut and paste your pizza slices together, matching the pepperonis shown on each number card.

Counting 1-6, number recognition, fine motor, art

Pumpkin Pushing – Gross Motor Activity / Brainbreak

Pre-cut the anatomy cards OR number them 1-6 and roll dice for added fun! 

Child draws a card from the stack or rolls die, and moves a mini or foam pumpkin across the floor using *only* the body part shown on card.

(Black-and-white copy & color copy included)

Gross motor, counting, coloring, brainbreak 

Pumpkin Maze

Simple maze in a pumpkin shape. 

Early finishers: Color the moon and bat.

Pincer Grip Opportunity! Try using a new writing instrument, like a pencil.

Which is Big?

Find and circle which is larger between each pair of hand-drawn Fall-themed images

Early finishers: Color the page.

Reasoning/Logic, Pre-Math skills 

Suggested supplies:

Orange playdough or moldable clay

Crayons, markers, pencils

Glue stick 

Miniature or foam pumpkin(s)




Painters tape to mark Pumpkin Pushing start/finish lines.

Pre-cut construction shapes or other flat foam shapes, any colors, few of each: Circle, square, rectangle, oval, triangle


Is it Fall yet?

MommaAMommmaB are SO ready for back-to-school season!

Today I finally got around to creating a few quick printable pages for the TeachersPayTeachers #TotSchool account – Here are a few quick templates for you teachers to use and customize however you choose. No credits needed, but appreciate if you pin to your boards! Happy teaching! -Brandi

More Tot School and Pre-K ideas for your at-home schooling: Follow us on Pinterest!

Fall Packs available!


Fall Clip Art – coming soon!

After the Storm

www.hightowerdigitalmedia.com hasn’t been completely derailed, and I’m pretty happy about that for the time being! In fact, the website and first blog went LIVE around FIVE (…P.M. P.S.T.)!

…so here we are, moving forward with our website despite the grim situation that many businesses are facing with having to physically close their doors to customers they depend on, or let go of valued employees due to financial restraints. They are in no position to be hiring social media managers, for the most part. But the need to reach and deliver to audiences remotely is real.

That’s why we decided to offer a few of our local businesses our services, for free. Hopefully, they’ll like us and recommend our work and everyone will be happy once things get back to normal.

They will get back to normal again soon…right?

Well, probably not. But we can hope that we were able to be innovators and keep our customers happy and connected during these uncertain times ahead.

You can check out our first blog at our website – if you’d like more regular updates you can subscribe to the once-monthly blog while you’re over there.

Learn about the latest news from businesses and entrepreneurs of the Wenatchee area – and maybe even a little beyond!

My favorite hashtags for our area: #ditchthelunchbox #wegotthiswenatchee and #toosmalltofail (and by ‘favorite’ I mean they make me smile even though the situation is not humorous or light – I hope they make you smile, too)!

Either way, we’ll still be updating here and mayyyyybe bringing the family vlog back some day. But right now, we’d like to focus on our local community. Stay tuned to my Instagram and see my personal account get hacked next week by a few of my loves…It’s always fun to shake things up!

Until next time,

Mama B

Snack and Meal Ideas | Tot School and Pre-K

It’s been an eventful week to say the least!

Winter snow has made way for Spring and we had just started our kids in twice a week school when bam! Schools around the globe are closing due to the COVID-19 virus epidemic and many of us are finding ourselves in new daily routines that often involve hands-on caring for our children while trying to maintain our usual money-making careers.

Even if you manage to come by the groceries and the energy and time, we often have no idea where to start, especially when it comes to feeding picky (ahem, particular) toddlers.

While many of us parents would be happy to take an opportunity to fast or diet, it’s important that young children continue to get the caloric needs that may have been provided by schools or daycares before all of these new arrangements.

In my household, we have a one and two year old who are very vocal about the things they don’t prefer to eat – a list that seems to be growing every day despite our best efforts!

Being creative with presentation, plating, variety, or mixing up the textures can make a big difference in “tricking” (convincing) a new food experience.

Trick 1: Same Foods, New Ways

This afternoon we sliced up hotdogs, speared a few noodles through the centers, and then cooked the whole lot in boiling water for about 11 minutes.

While we reserved a few and carefully diced them for the younger child to avoid choking, the older kid found it hilarious that his “big kid lunch” was so silly! I decided not to tell him it was the exact same package of dogs he refused to eat two days before, and spaghetti noodles he “didn’t like” last month – from the same box.

Trick 2: Templates or Placemats

I have already started curating Amazon gifts list for upcoming events with our kids. One thing we look forward to getting some day is educational or interactive placemats like these:

Until then, we’ve found a lot of success in creating fun templates based on popular kids snacks, and using them to teach all sorts of lessons during snack times, from counting to sorting to matching. These Teddy Graham ones were a hit, even though I didn’t realize that they have different arm positions (I just grabbed one and traced it onto my iPad Pro, so I made another sheet:

I’ve laminated a few of our favorite multi-purpose ones (such as the numbered circles) and enjoyed creating custom ones for “healthy” versions of snacks (like Annie’s Organic bunnies, etc.)

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I’ll be sharing some of my snack and play ideas on Pinterest stories this week so make sure to follow! @brandi_n_hightower on Instagram @mommaamommab on Pinterest


The vlog is down, along with the economy and our morale 😅 Only kind of kidding!

We are taking this time to figure out as a family our main priorities in school/work/life arrangements and the YouTube family vlog is going to be set aside while we make the needed adjustments.

Sorry to leave that platform, but we’re still here for now! 🙂 COVID has everyone shook up and our main focus is getting these kids through the next weeks at home while schools are down.

If you need resources for your toddlers as we look forward to more days of school closures, please check out the TotSchool resources at TeachersPayTeachers.

Stay healthy and stay safe!