L’Oreal EverPure

Purple shampoo and blue conditioner??

If you saw my Instagram stories earlier, you may have seen that I was testing this L’Oreal product (courtesy Influenster*) all week in varying degrees.

1. I started testing on my previously rose-gold clenditioner-ed grow out. (If you don’t know what Clenditioner is, search for my previous post!)

Before First Use

2. I did notice instant results (for testing purposes I washed twice and left conditioner sitting on my hair 5 minutes before washing thoroughly). The brassiness from the leftover color deposit seemed to have lifted – or erased – or blended – or whatever the tech term is. You don’t need to be a hairdresser to time down your brassy blondes – even silver and auburn highlighted hair can benefit from this sulfate-free formula, which won’t over-dry locks.

3. After two more days of use I’ll have a good baseline for how this works in “real” life, between color touch ups. Then, it’s off for a trim and professional highlight!


4. My hairdresser toned me in the chair during my appointment and I am excited to try see how this shampoo helps me maintain my white-blonde hue.

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Mama B

The photos below were taken on an iPhone XS Max w/o retouching:

I Tried It: Color and Co. Online Hair Consultation & Custom Color Subscription

Watch the extended review and application process:

My Color and Co. box arrived yesterday, and I tried so hard to do my due diligence as a product reviewer and follow every single step. Although I did pretty good I will admit that I was so excited for this hair color that I only did 24 hours out of the 48 hour allergy test.

I figured if I wasn’t experiencing any irritation at that point, I was probably good to go. Still, the company recommends a 48 hour spot test on a patch of skin to test for irritations.

Interestingly, if one has a tattoo, the likelihood is increased. So take your test! Don’t be like me!

I had run out of shampoo and conditioner this week, my last two showers consisting of baby products. It was past time to go shopping, and I happen to be professionally licensed in massage therapy so I am able to shop at CosmoProf, which sells products to the pros. Though I was tempted by SO many things in there (because I only go about twice per year, it’s always a magical event), I survived basically unscathed, with only my two basic needs…plus pumice stone. 

A lovely employee pointed me to a new line of clenditioners (that is, a cleansing conditioner…whaaaat?!) that actually came in a rose gold tone. This brand markets itself as “…a conditioning cleanser that replaces your shampoo”.

I had explained my project (buffering that harsh demarcation between my roots and my platinum ends, using a rose gold, etc.) making sure to note that I had never been a ‘warm’ kind of blonde (give me purple shampoo all day!). I didn’t want to invest in a shampoo that was meant specifically for this rose gold, which may not even turn out to suit me.

She pointed me to a product that is perfect for all shades of blonde, one that happened to be on sale (I think she likes me. Ha!). Those product reviews are coming, soon.

For my actual Color and Co. review, I simply rinsed the color out after 20 minutes as directed, using the conditioner sample included in the kit sent to me. I didn’t want to alter the results so I skipped my tinted clenditioner for now. 

Interestingly enough, I was able to squeak by using only one of the two application doses that came in the kit (complimentary for those with long hair). I don’t recommend living on the edge like that, but I figured the worst case scenario involved me frantically mixing the second batch with a partially-coated head of hair. I didn’t end up needing it; now I have enough for a second dye job!

The joy!!!



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