SWIMSUITS FOR SEXY MAMAS | Online Swimsuit Shopping in January | B2prity | Amazon Review

My recent unboxing video featured a slimming new swimsuit. Which is cool.

But it’s January. Some might say too cool for a proper outdoor photo as we end the great hibernation that is Winter 2020.

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We usually get significant snow here in Wenatchee, WA. I had planned on doing a fun outdoor show photoshoot, and yet we’ve had unfortunate weather patterns; the sunshine never quite lines up with my three to six hours of childcare per week.

So, I did a quick video and took some shots in front of the closet, instead.

This was my first time ordering a swimsuit online, and I’ll definitely do it again!

B2prity has many options to choose from and I took forever placing my complimentary order. As tempting as it was to go with a fun print, especially since this one was courtesy of the company, I stuck to my roots and went with a solid.

Black is classic, and will pair easily with some of the fun beach accessories I wasn’t able to use last year with my floral patterned suit.

Before tightening support ties

One option to secure straps


I am excited to test this out in the wild on our next sunny vacation. I was half tempted to recline on my porch with a sangria, until I remembered the kids would be up from nap in ten minutes.

Also, it’s still January.

Stay warm, friends!


Mama B

L’Oreal EverPure

Purple shampoo and blue conditioner??

If you saw my Instagram stories earlier, you may have seen that I was testing this L’Oreal product (courtesy Influenster*) all week in varying degrees.

1. I started testing on my previously rose-gold clenditioner-ed grow out. (If you don’t know what Clenditioner is, search for my previous post!)

Before First Use

2. I did notice instant results (for testing purposes I washed twice and left conditioner sitting on my hair 5 minutes before washing thoroughly). The brassiness from the leftover color deposit seemed to have lifted – or erased – or blended – or whatever the tech term is. You don’t need to be a hairdresser to time down your brassy blondes – even silver and auburn highlighted hair can benefit from this sulfate-free formula, which won’t over-dry locks.

3. After two more days of use I’ll have a good baseline for how this works in “real” life, between color touch ups. Then, it’s off for a trim and professional highlight!


4. My hairdresser toned me in the chair during my appointment and I am excited to try see how this shampoo helps me maintain my white-blonde hue.

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*This post is not sponsored | I received complimentary products in exchange for my honest feedback.

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Mama B

The photos below were taken on an iPhone XS Max w/o retouching:

KeaBabies Unisex Diaper Bag | Best Cloth Diapering Backpack of 2019

My wife and I like to consider ourselves fashionable and modern — though it can be tough to keep up with two kids under the age of three!

Stroller Straps on the Explorer Bag

When it comes to finding a cloth diapering and potty training backpack that suits both our different styles and matches our adventurous parent-vlogger lifestyles, the Explorer bag by KeaBabies is a perfect fit.

From having room to fit extra clothing items and all of those bulky winter accessories, to snacks compartments and pockets to spare, it was easy for us to vote this bag as the Best Unisex Diaper Bag of 2019.

At under $40 it’s a must have to add to your arsenal of parenting gear!

**DISCOUNT CODE for additional 20% off** KEA-HIGHTOWER20

On the off chance Mama gets to strap on some heels or wear a fancy white jacket, this bag pairs nicely with it all! From airplane travel to strapping on the stroller (psst…stroller straps and waterproof changing mat are included), this bag is adventure-ready! 

Whether you choose Trendy Black, Classic Gray or Navy Blue, this backpack is a great unisex diaper bag going into 2020. 

Thanks KeaBabies for providing this bag in exchange for our honest review.

See our full review:

KeaBabies is on Instagram and YouTube!

Search #KeaMommy #KeaDaddy #KeaParent and join a community of supportive parents.

BEST UNISEX BAG FOR CLOTH DIAPERING PARENTS | KeaBabies Explorer Bag | TRENDY MODERN PARENTING GEAR for ADVENTUROUS FAMILIES KeaBabies: “Parenting is Awesome. Sleep is Overrated. Everyday is an Adventure.”


BIOSSANCE for INFLUENSTER | What’s in my VoxBox

Over the summer I decided to sign up for a free account through Influenster, “a product discovery and reviews platform for consumers.”

Surprisingly, after entering in all of my social media accounts, the app rated me as having a HIGH impact score. This means my accounts have a high enough visibility to reach enough of an audience to promote certain products for certain companies.

So far, I have been able to partner with L’loreal’s Color & Co as well as Bobbi Brown. The products were things I could actually envision myself buying and using, so Influenster did a great job matching me with the offers.

I was invited to check out The Clean Academy, a free online information sharing site that uncomplicates labels and ‘debunks myths’ regarding skin care and product safety; information that is increasingly glossed over or concealed from consumers. I was astounded at the information I learned!

Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness

Biossance offers education as well as products. They want you to know and trust in their merchandise, but also to become a more educated consumer in general.

Click to view more ingredient facts!

In order to apply for a free VoxBox, which is how Influenster refers to it’s product tester boxes, I was required to check out the Biossance website and then share a few details to my Facebook or Instagram on what I learned from the videos, which I did on my private Facebook account. The information I shared was in regards to laws and regulations of the beauty industry; I wrote a quick few sentences and posted a the required biossance link, and waited.

The whole process of completing tasks functions like completing an application checklist. You do all the things, and then they could simply be grateful that you helped advertise for them for essentially free – OR – you could be ‘selected’ to receive a box. Now, some reviewers swear there is a secret formula to how to receive boxes, or how to get them expedited. As far as this blog goes, we won’t go into that. I don’t know anything about it, TBH.

A couple of weeks went by and then I received an email saying “You’re In!” I had been selected to receive a free sample box. My app says it’s being prepared for shipment, and it doesn’t give any tracking numbers or other information. It will just update the app when it goes out for mailing, and I’ll eagerly await!

Sometimes it can take 1-2 weeks between getting the email notice and receiving the VoxBox.


The items I received were beautifully packaged in a charcoal bag with metallic rose gold hardware, with “SPREAD LOVE NOT TOXINS” plus the brand name embossed in gold foil across the front.

I also received a reusable metal straw kit with storage bag and cleaning tool , and a bamboo toothbrush:

Biossance Squalane + Omega Repair Cream

Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil

Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Mask

Biossance Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel

Biossance Squalane + Rose Vegan Lip Balm

Bamboo face cloths + storage bag included

The funny thing about this package is that with my last beauty box by Ipsy, I was given a quiz to define what my favorite and least favorites when it comes to fragrances and flavors, etc. The only thing I ever put down that I wasn’t a huge fan of is rose, but of course Influenster did not get copied on that one! Everything in this package is rose! It made me laugh. If you’re interested in the IPSY unboxing, here it is:

I did learn a lesson about being open minded: though rose isn’t typically a scent I can stomach, the Biossance products were extremely gently scented, and so I wasn’t overwhelmed and – surprise to me – enjoyed the products despite the rose scent. I did have to laugh, though, when I first opened this box!

I’ll be sure to post the video link here, after the full review.

Any questions for me? I answer them all 🙂 Reach out! I love hearing from you!


Mama B